PHP5 feature for HTML5-Boilerplate for Rapid Application Development.

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Why oh! Why ?

Why not ? Its a free world and no one is going to shoot you in your head for trying some crazy development ideas. When it comes to your use, you should definitely go for it.


To have a Boilerplate for Rapid Application Development with PHP.


Quick start of web application development using PHP with HTML5 support and Bootstrap feature.

What do I need

  • PHP > 5.3
  • Web server
  • Web Browser
  • Other things depends on what you want to do

How to get started

  • Clone the Repo or Download the Zip/Tar
  • Place it in your working Directory
  • Access it through Browser eg: http://localhost/PHP5-HTML5-Boilerplate/

What this is not

  • This is not a Framework
  • This is not a CMS

Why to use it

  • No need to learn new Framework or CMS, its all PHP
  • To easily build Responsive web application
  • Includes Twitter's Bootstrap for you to built web application for most targeted devices

Authors and Contributors

Thanks to thousands of Contributors of HTML5 Boilerplate.
If you have any idea to make this extraLARGE then you are welcome.

Anything live ?

Hell Yes! Click Here

Support or Contact

None at the moment. If you need support regarding HTML5 Boilerplate, better visit their website. If you are willing to give support then feel free to collaborate on Wiki.